Wow Your Target Audience: Types of Video Content that Viewers Love

Best Video Content For Your Audience


Video is a powerful medium that can help take your content to the next level. While we have talked about the impact video can have in previous blogs, there is something that is left unsaid.

What type of video content is the most effective to reach your target audience?

Just having a video on your website or your social media does not mean that it will have the desired impact. According to research conducted by Hubspot, 85% of businesses are using video advertising, so now more than ever it is important to be leading the pack rather than being lost in the shuffle. Video content needs to speak to your audience, give them something to take away or inspire them to take the action that you want them to.

That is why depending on what you are trying to achieve, there are different types of video content that will be able to give you the desired outcome.

Corporate Video Production

There are two main ways corporate video production can be used for your business. On an external level, corporate video production is a great way to showcase just what your company has to offer. It can be used to educate your potential clients on what the business is about. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your website. This is fantastic for search engine optimisation and it also leaves potential clients and customers with an understanding of what and who they are dealing with.

On an internal level, corporate video production can also be used to facilitate internal organisational communication. This is a dynamic way to speak with your employees and help them understand any specific messaging or training that you want to communicate. Being a much more exciting way to digest information, employee satisfaction is sure to be boosted.

Testimonial Videos

According to market research, 88% of consumers trust user reviews from previous customers almost as much as they trust recommendations from their friends or family (Hubspot). You can spend all the time and money telling your potential customer base about your product, service or company…but when it comes to believability, hearing from your current customers will be a whole lot more convincing. By using the testimonies of satisfied customers and combining them with professional video production, you will be able to capture the attention and trust of your target audience.

Branded Website Videos

We have already established just how powerful video can be, so why not use it to strengthen the brand of your company. Creating memorable and professional branded content will help you stick in the minds of those who are in the market for your product or service. It engages with potential clients on a sensory level in a way that text and pictures cannot. Brand storytelling and other types of branded web videos can help viewers relate to your brand on a different level. With this effective medium, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

Event Videos

There is a certain electricity that comes with live events, so capturing that in video format and broadcasting it to the world is one way to get potential customers excited about what your company has to offer. In a society that is constantly broadcasting its activities, especially through social media, FOMO has become a constant state for many people. In fact, research done by Trust Pulse has reported that up to 69% of those in the millennial generation experience FOMO almost daily! Event videos when well-curated, make people want to be a part of what you are offering. This is why they can be such an impressive and powerful way to wow your target audience.

With all the types of video marketing out there and with so many businesses taking advantage of it, ensuring you are getting the most out of your video marketing is imperative. Don’t just do it because everybody else is doing it. If you are looking for ways to bring your video marketing up to the next level, then engaging with professionals will ensure that not a penny of your marketing budget is wasted.

Choose the right medium and let Young Buck Media take your video marketing to the next level.