Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video Marketing: Statistics Edition

As technology improves and changes the way we interact in our lives, so must the way we market. Radio, print and television- once tried and true golden forms of advertising, are now on the steady decline as the online world and the “real world” are starting to merge. You will be hard-pressed these days to find somebody who does not have some type of smart technology in their pocket and often have various devices they use throughout the day. This is the way we market our businesses, products and services have had to change. With social media becoming such a staple in the lives of consumers, it would make sense to take advantage of this medium as much as possible. Out of all the ways we can choose to use social media, from text posts to images, video has proven to be the most effective form of advertising. While we can rely on the anecdotal evidence and this is most likely a claim that does not surprise most people, many statistics prove that if you are not using video marketing in your campaigns, you may be missing the mark and not reaching your full potential with your marketing.

Video Reigns Supreme

Through research conducted by Alexa, it is showing that YouTube is the second most visited site in the world with only Google being more popular. YouTube statistics also show that the world views over a billion hours of video content in just one day. Those statistics alone shows just how much those on the internet consume video. Not only do people use YouTube to stream entertainment, but research on consumer trends by Google also shows that 65% of people use YouTube to find solutions to a problem or for advice on a multitude of situations; from fixing their car, to makeup tutorials and even love or financial advice. Market research by Hubspot also states that 72% of consumers prefer to use video to learn about a product or service, and with research conducted by Invisia showing that 95% of people retain the messages they hear via video compared to only 10% of messages conveyed by text- this shows how powerful video can be when used as a marketing tool. Insivia also found that video consumption goes up 100% every single year so this is a medium that is showing no sign of slowing down.

Effective Marketing Through Video

Okay, so we have seen how people are attracted and even seek out videos to learn about products and services, but how effective is it when it comes to nurturing leads? Marketing Sherpa statistics show that the conversion rate by video is up by 80% and not only this, Conversion XL has found that it has boosted organic SEO by up to 157%. With videos being shared up to 1200% more than text and images (Wordstream), not only is you reach potentially larger by using video, it also has a higher success rate in turning that traffic into paying customers. At the end of the day, that is the ultimate goal with a marketing budget. As the internet has opened our worlds and increase the potential for any brand, product or service to go global and marketing research done by Cisco predicting that by this year that there will be close to one million minutes of video being viewed across the internet per second, there is so much potential for any well-executed marketing plan was once video is brought into the equation.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The use of video marketing is growing every year and statistics published by HubSpot show this; 81% of businesses now using video marketing in their budget, a figure that has jumped from just 64%. They also found that 97% of those who have used video marketing as a tool have found success through their marketing campaigns and email campaigns that include video have an increased click rate of 300%. Not only are companies that are using video have found that it is successful, but consumers are also demanding to be reached by video. Other market research done by Wistia has found that people will spend 2.6 times more time on a page that has video. Whether it is the increased use of mobile technology or the fact that internet has opened up a whole new world where people have more choice in what they consume, video is proving to be one of the most effective tools to reach people. This is why when you are planning your next marketing campaign, not only will it be a great idea to include video marketing- it is vital to ensure that you give your business the best exposure it possibly can get.