Video, Editing and Covid19

It more than seems like the world has slowed down. With Covid19 causing countries to enforce social distancing measures, lockdowns, self-isolation and quarantine- the last thing businesses may have on their mind is their marketing budget. Survival might be the flavour of the month, but as we are starting to see the other side, it is important for businesses to not neglect their customers. If anything, communication has become even more important. If you are currently using video marketing or have thought about it in the past, right now may be the best time to start dedicating some of your businesses budget into video marketing. Let us tell you why.

Increased Screen Time

As people are in isolation, the one thing people are not distancing themselves from is social media. This means that people are using their Facebook more, thus potentially exposing themselves to more marketing content. With nowhere to go, nowhere to spend their money, not only are they going to be exposed to advertising, but they are going to want to find a way to pass the time. According to market research done by Social Media Analysis company Rival IQ, the second half of March led to increased engagement with posts by businesses across many platforms. While businesses were posting less frequently, their studies showed that the posts that were being made had a lot more engagement. Whether you are a clothing brand, have a niche electronic product, cosmetics or a restaurant, trends are showing that less, more high-quality content on social media is gaining more engagement which means using a form of advertising like video marketing is more likely to be a more effective marketing tool, especially right now.

A Whole New Audience

Being a bigger threat to an older generation, as well as keeping those who may not be the most technology savvy behind closed doors, those who do not normally dabble into the world of the internet are finding themselves taking advantage of the technology we have available. Government health websites in Australia have been advocating the use of social media for the older generations to help combat the loneliness of isolation, due to them being at the most risk- this means that a whole new world of consumers and potential customers are at your feet. Social media statistics website and company Statista reports a predicted increase in the use of websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram of up to 63% worldwide. With video marketing being one of the most effective forms of advertising on these platforms, it is the ideal time to take advantage of this increased audience. Video advertising is an easily digestible format to convey information, so as people are satisfying their curiosity on these newly discovered platforms, the chances that they come across your video marketing campaign are better than ever.

This Won’t Last Forever

One of the biggest issues businesses in places like Wuhan are being faced with now that their cities are opening up is that during the time that people were isolated, their business has become forgotten. Once the world starts opening up again and people are back at work, they will be back enlisting services and buying more so you do not want your brand to be forgotten during this downtime. Even the Australian Government’s business website is encouraging businesses and brands to boost their online presence. Your business may not be currently trading during the restrictions but do not miss out on the opportunity to get visibility with potential new customers as well as keeping in contact with your current clientele. With everybody now setting up videos from their kitchen or couches, big brands have jumped on board using at home cooking shows and even live lounge room performances to stay relevant with their customer base. You can do this too and with the help of a good media company, with technology simple as a camera phone or as high tech as a home camera set-up, you will easily be able to create relevant video content to help your business get through this difficult time.

While it can be hard to see the future as timelines of lockdowns and sanctions are uncertain, this does not mean you have to throw your marketing plan out the window. It is a new and exciting time to not only experiment with new technology, but with new strategies. Video marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of advertising, so while you have the potential to capture everybody’s attention as they live their life through their screens- you can swing the situation to your advantage and use video marketing to create a positive outlook for your business or brand.